Aroma Yoga

If you would like to practice Yoga and get a guided practice with me, feel free to book a session.

It is a 60 minutes nice gentle, slow vinyasa flow with focusing on gentle flow and breathing using therapeutic grade essential oils.

Essential Oils has been used for therapeutic and spiritual purposes for thousands of years.

Essential oils during YOGA will enhance your practice and take your experience to a  different level. 

Whether during meditation, in your flow, or in your asana practice, using essential oils for support is an excellent choice. They will enhance your practice, deepen your meditation, strengthen your focus and balance.

If you don’t have your essential oils or if you prefer not to use them during practice that’s fine too. You just follow the practice without them.

I only use doTerra essential oils, because of purity and quality matter. If you wish to get yours you can ask me or simply get straight to my doTerra link to get yours.