Feminine vs Masculine energies

Why are we clashing in relationships?

Why are we, women burning out and struggle with so much anxieties and  depressions?

Why are we still unfulfilled, joyless, feeling demotivated all the time?

Why do we still believe “all the good ones are taken” and no one is good enough for us?

Why are we struggling with self esteem?

Let’s look at energies and find out how to balance our feminine and masculine energies in the right time and right place for a more fulfilling and joyful relationships and life.

Feminine and masculine energies have nothing to do do with gender. Women and men have both energies within us. But when those energies are clashing, are out of balance we can totally feel it in our relationships, work and life.

As a feminine confidence & dance coach I have put my knowledge ad experiences into this workshop to help you understand how we work, how we attract and what we can do about this to shift energies and attract  what meant to fulfill us.

Join me for my workshop on the

 15 September, 2021, 6pm UK time



This training is packed with content, you will walk away understanding the traits of each energies, how to avoid fundamental, common mistakes in relationships and other areas of life, how to build your business using these energies, how to balance these energies, how to work with them and so much more.

The value and price of this training is £150, but I am offering for a symbolic

£14 ONLY