The Art of Being a WOMAN

The Divine Feminine vs Masculine within us

Why are we clashing in relationships?

Why are we, women burning out and struggle with so much anxieties and  depressions?

Why are we still unfulfilled, joyless, feeling demotivated all the time?

Why do we still believe “all the good ones are taken” and no one is good enough for us?

Why are we struggling with self esteem so much?

Why am I so moody all the time?

I am feeling lost..

These are the typical thoughts and emotions we go through daily and we question: What is wrong with me?


Have you ever been told:

  • stop being so dramatic
  • please learn to control your emotions,
  • you are overreacting
  • stop being moody and
    many more, but the truth is that these are typical feminine traits, but so often we are being told these are negative emotions and behaviors, we need to unlearn, so often we believed there is something wrong with us.  We blamed the hormones, the PMS.

Ladies, here is the news:

There is


but let me explain this to you in details in my next webinar.

You are a cyclic women, you are moody, emotional, expressive and that is who we are!!! Embrace it. 🙂

And so much more. We are created to flow, to be intuitive beings, to be emotional, to be creative.

Our society has been operating in masculine energies and everything around us is based on masculine principles. There is a reason why. We had to adapt, we had to fit in and we think there is something wrong with us. Ladies, there is so much we have to learn about ourselves. And these things are not taught. Our parents didn’t know so who would teach us? The schooling system is set up on masculine principles, so how can we learn these things at school?

The journey to uncovering the Divine Feminine VS Masculine energies in our daily life.


the principles or feminine and masculine energies.

  And NO,  it is not about high heels or red lipstick!

I believe this is the first thing everyone needs to learn, including men and these things need to be taught at schools!

Life would be so much easier and we wouldn’t have so many relationship issues either.

We could be living a much more fulfilling life with unnecessary stress and without antidepressants.

You will be blown away to learn some very interesting facts.

Join me!!

22 September, 2021, 7pm UK time

The value and price of this training is £150, but I am offering for a symbolic