Unleash Your Inner Goddess!

I teach how to unleash your superpowers, align with your inner calling and rise to your Divine Feminine. 

You put on the mask, heals, lipstick and move on. Because you must carry on. You adapt to the masculine energy world, you become everything to everyone and you realize you are on the downhill slide with no energy to get back up. Nothing seems to be working. No motivation. No MOJO left – “I just want to cry!!!” 

  • Strong, intelligent woman with titles, abilities, positions, yet..lonely in relationships and unfulfilled in life
  • Beautiful, gorgeous, successful…yet with chronic depression and feeling of unworthiness.
  • Qualified beyond measures… yet self doubting.
  • Beyond independent, high achiever…yet with chronic feeling of emptiness. 
  • Hard working, fun loving, caring…yet trapped in “toxic” relationships.
  • The seemingly perfect family life, busy mum, in control of everything….  finding your husband cheating…Your whole world is collapsing.
  • what else?


It's Time to straighten up, girl! You absolutely can!

My name is Monika Molnar and I am here for women who don’t just accept their circumstances but ready to raise beyond measures, unlock their happiness and true nature and start living life aligned with their higher power.  The moment you find your true self everything else will unfold in your life. 

Find passion, align with your feminine power, find your inner spark and start living life as YOU! 

I will help you to bring back your smile, energy, MOJO and confidence so you can playfully attract whatever you desire. 

YOUR CONFIDENCE is your currency. and no…it’s not arrogance… The true alignment with your inner self, your authentic, you, your purpose that radiates outside is The ULTIMATE WINNING PIECE.

Let’s reignite your fire, girl! You absolutely can and for sure you deserve it!

My 3 month of 1-2-1 program is designed for women who are ready to unleash their true self and start living life in full.  

You can BE, HAVE, DO everything you want! OH, YEAH!! No more hustle, no more strategies, no more masks!  You are the divine creator of your happiness! Ready, my gorgeous?

Meet your Coach, Monika

I am a multi – award winner celebrity Latin dance coach, a creator of LATIN JAZZ dance styles, a designer and creator of SAMBAWAMBA, choreographer, european samba champion, qualified yoga teacher, certified aromatherapist, holistic wellness mama and a full time strategic intervention life coach empowering women to align with their higher powers to achieve their dreams THEIR WAY. 

I am a happy wife, a busy mum of 2 and a woman who lives life with passion & purpose. 

I have decades of experiences working with amazing women from all over the globe, different backgrounds finding true fulfillment. My clients portfolio includes DeeDee Wild, Cathy Guetta, Slavica Ecclestone, Romola Garai…

Most of the times we put on the mask, lipstick, heels and ready to conquer the world. The thing is WE CAN. But… honestly this is not what we truly want. 

We work so hard on building our career, our family life, beliefs, our position, security, social profile and then BANG!!!! Life happens and our whole world collapses.  We burn out and we spiral down into depression. 

You deserve support. It’s more then ok to ask for support…. 

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