The World’s Most Desired
Personality Trait​

I help women unleash their superpowers & build their confidence to achieve their dreams 

Who I am and what I do

Meet your Coach, Monika

I am a multi award winner celebrity dance coach, samba champion, qualified yoga teacher, aromatherapist and a strategic intervention life coach.

I am a wife, a busy mum of 2 and a woman who lives life with passion & purpose.

Decades of experiences working with amazing women from all over the globe from different backgrounds I learnt one thing: we women almost always 100% of the times feel the fire burning inside us. Deep down we know how amazing and capable we are. Yet. How little is needed from outside for our confidence to be crashed down resulting in our world collapsing and like a domino effect into other areas too.

We loose trust and our feeling of self-worth spirals down into the dust. We feel lonely, broken, insignificant,disconnected, betrayed, hurt many times.

We put on the mask, heals, lipstick and move on. We adapt to the masculine world, we become everything to everyone and over time we realize we are on the downhill slide with no way back up.

What happened to us, ladies? What happened to the real, strong, unshakable women’s confidence?

This for me was something I was so fascinated about for many years.

Strong educated women with titles, abilities, positions, yet..lonely and unfulfilled in relationships.

Beautiful, gorgeous ladies with chronic depression and feeling unworthy.

Qualified beyond measures, yet self doubting.

What is it? What is it that is stopping you for achieving your dream? I figured that most of the times there was a confidence crash along the way.

Imagine if you could rise up again. To find your spark and start living life at your own terms again.  To have that feeling of being unstoppable and not just for a day or 2.

Imagine if you were brave enough to believe in your own abilities and stopped playing small. Imagine if you could have the tools and power to keep that confidence and passion burning. Imagine if you could achieve your dreams if you just had that confidence and courage to BE who you are, be able to recognize the fear and know how to deal with it effectively. How to use it to your rise.

You can!

I made it my mission to help women to make that happen. I have done it many times, I achieved, manifested and now I am here

to TEACH you to ultimate fulfillment using your feminine confidence.

The missing piece from the puzzle. The most attractive trait in a woman. Did you know that if you ask a man what is the most attractive thing on a woman they will say: their confidence and their smile.

A trait that takes you to places, opens your doors, keeps your heartbeat, lights you up, helps you to take action, helps you trust, feel free and happy, believe and achieve. The piece in the puzzle that is missing, it is misused, misinterpreted, being feared, being judged, being pushed down but being admired too. The one most wanted personality trait everyone is after. CONFIDENCE. 

I made it my mission to help as many women as possible, like you, to win your healthy,feminine

CONFIDENCE back so you can achieve anything you desire in life.

And I am here to help you to reignite your fire.

I am here for those women who realize they can BE, HAVE, DO so much more, but recognize that there is something in their way.

Are you struggling with any of these emotions and feelings?

I am not good enough

Why am I a pleaser all the time

I hate my job

My marriage is suffering

I want to leave my toxic relationship

I can’t find the perfect man

I am in a vicious circle

I would love to stand up for myself

I can’t express myself

I can’t get over my break-up

I can’t speak up

I want to stand up for myself

I want to leave him

I want to go for that job

I hate my body

I have no time for anything

Self-care? what self-care?

I want to save my marriage

I just want to run out for this world!!!

I am too scared to leave my job to run my own business

I have no confidence…What else my dear?

I'll tell you what!

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